The Church of God national overseer of Israel sent a report on how Voice of Hope evangelical radio is making waves in the Mideast. World Missions’ approach is to reach Palestinians and Israelis by encouraging prayer for Israel and the Arabic peoples who will hear the message of Jesus Christ.

The national overseer also serves as general manager of Voice of Hope, located in Galilee, and has been engaged in training five of Galilee’s best as witnesses to the Arabic-speaking world. Christian news is broadcast on Israel’s 24-hour English news television channel, which is available on satellite and internet (see link to video below).

U.S. government officials vividly portray why Bible believing Christians love and pray for the people of Israel. Twenty-percent of them speak Arabic and the radio transmits Jesus 24/7 from the studio on the Sea of Galilee’s shore. As a commercial-free 50,000-watt AM station, they depend on the gifts from partners to continue broadcasting.

The program is one of the loudest radio signals on the dial and reaches into five Middle East countries—unprecedented in a region where religious freedoms and individuals rights are challenged every day.

The Voice of Hope Christian Radio through Church of God World Missions is Project #102-4003. Thank you for your prayers and gifts of love which keep the words of Jesus streaming forth to help bring in the final harvest.