The 77th General Assembly, July 30-August 3, 2018, in Orlando, Florida, will be here before we know it. Activities are scheduled and preparations are well underway, with World Missions at the forefront of events.

The World Missions Pre-Assembly Conference is the annual forerunner to the General Assembly. Leadership and missionaries from around the globe arrive en masse to renew their spirits and enhance their ministries on foreign soil. The desire to Send the Light to the Cities and FINISH the Great Commission weighs heavy on the hearts of the World Missions leaders, Dr. David M. Griffis, director, and Dr. M. Thomas Propes, assistant director.

One highlight of the conference will be the Missionary Recognition and retirements. Missionaries who have faithfully served through the years will be honored for their contributions to the cause of evangelization. Excitement and gratitude will fill the air as Mission Possible Miracles from various parts of the world will be shared.

The World Missions family is a unique one, and loving and winning souls is at its core—it is the driving force for what we offer to our Lord Jesus Christ.