Many of us may be blessed with a long life, but very few will experience the fruitfulness that accompanied the life of J.H. Ingram, missionary extraordinaire.

At a time, in the 1930s to be exact, when the Church of God processed only a limited missionary outreach, J.H. personified missionary zeal and dramatized the missions cause … he seemed consumed with a passion to carry the message to foreign fields.

Beginning his intensive missionary efforts in 1932, J.H. sailed around the world in 1936 on what he referred to as a “Golden Jubilee Tour.” The 44,000-mile tour took him to 31 countries and colonies … quite a feat in those days. Gradually, the Church of God was prodded into considering its international responsibilities.

J.H. Ingram made trips to foreign lands under conditions so adverse that even younger men might have drawn back from the effort. The result was that he became known and loved around the world.

Years later, when speaking to Lee students at the observance of Heritage Week, he recounted his lifetime of spiritual adventure, firing them with the same imagination and zeal that had driven him.

“I am just a simple missionary. God has helped me, unworthy as I am, to do some good in His Kingdom, and for that I shall be forever grateful” (J.H. Ingram).

The earlier efforts by J.H. Ingram in our missions history truly made the Church of God an international organization!