Bobby and Tamitha Lynch, missionaries to SEMISUD in Latin America, operate a ministry center for at-risk children in Ecuador. Recently, Christmas gifts were prepared and distributed, meals were provided, and the Gospel was presented, bringing about many smiles and hugs. The Lynches’ goal was to accommodate 2,000 children.

As Christians, we may feel at times we don’t have a reason to be grateful. When we have those thoughts of woe and despair, we need to change our perspective. The Bible has many examples of those who chose to praise God, even in the midst of difficulty. Opening our hearts to bless others will change our focus and change the lives of at-risk children.

Last year, one of the precious little ones died of leukemia, right before the big Christmas event. The family spent much of what they had on the child’s illness and burial. Yet, the team took gifts to his little sister and a basket of food so the family could enjoy a special Christmas meal … to help them realize God is there for them in times of trouble. The expression of love paved the way for the sister to return to the program, and begin to play and heal.

The spirit of Christmas should be observed all year when it comes to these little children. Their needs are not just once a year, but are continual.

Bobby states: “What you do to give to a child can have life-changing power not only for the child, but for you!”

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