World Missions has a status for parachurch missionaries, meaning those who conform to the general qualifications and policies stipulated for Career Missionaries, but whose services are not directly with the denomination. These individuals want to maintain an identity with the Church of God and would like for church friends who support them to receive World Missions credit.

Linda BrownOne such individual is Linda Brown, a native of Florida. She began her career working at Christian Television Network as floor director, crew chief, lighting director, and photographer. Linda attended Harvest Temple (now known as Gulf Coast Church, since she was 1-year-old.

In her early twenties, Linda spent time in Guatemala, Cambodia, Haiti, South Africa, and is now serving full time in Kenya. As Linda sought God’s purpose for her life in Kenya, she found it by starting the Linda’s Kids Program. The agenda was to put girls in school, so they would not be married off as child-brides. In 2015, Linda opened the Linda’s Kids Academy and has been educating over 80 children.

Linda lives in a village with the Masai working with New Frontiers Health Force. She recently completed her CNA course to be able to help in the health center. Linda also is co-pastor of the Good Shepherd Fellowship and helps direct the new ISOLD program just begun in 2018.

Project #065-0884