When a parent admonishes a child “listen to me,” or a more indirect meaning, “listen closely to what I have to say,” it is immediately understood as of definite importance. The heart rate increases, the ears are attuned, and the eyes look straight at the one issuing the wording.

It is of no less importance when one feels the whispering of the Holy Spirit as He speaks to a person in impressive, strong tones … there is no shirking or misunderstanding. God is exact in what He wants to communicate.

Missions individuals understand His calling, particularly missionaries, but missions covers a wide scope of involvement: a local church missions representative, a missions class taught by one who has a heart for missions, a pastor whose heart beats for the lost on foreign soil, a child who desires to raise funds for a particular need on the missions field … and the list goes on.

What is it God is asking of you for the cause of missions? Intercessory prayer is another avenue in which God calls individuals to participate. Even greater is the willingness to financially support those who have acted upon their call to the missions field and are serving in less-than-desired circumstances.

One has to only step upon faith and actively do what he/she feels in his/her heart to help advance God’s Kingdom—in the searching and retrieving of lost souls, no matter where they exist. Together, the people who are listening to God’s urging are building a foundation of hope and love for the people who have no idea who He is.

Can you hear His voice today? Are you listening closely?

But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon [a foundation]” (1 Corinthians 3:10b).