Living in Mexico as a young wife and mother in 1924, Maria was diagnosed with cancer. As she continued to deteriorate, a Christian washwoman and her sister shared the Good News with her of Christ and His healing power. Day by day Maria became stronger and began to attend a Pentecostal church.

Maria prayed a simple prayer: “Lord, if you’ll complete my healing so that none can doubt it and give me this experience of the Holy Spirit baptism, I’ll take this message to Mexico to my family.” She began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit of the Lord gave utterance.

maria atkinsonSensing a need for her own ministry, Maria opened a church in a garage in Douglas, Arizona. Many from all denominations came to hear her, as the power of God was revealed in an unusual manner. God did a miracle in Maria’s heart, and she left all to take the gospel to her people in Mexico.

Signs and wonders followed Maria’s ministry, providing God’s protection and were manifested in times of persecution. The government was confiscating church properties so someone would stay at the building at all times in order for it to be considered living quarters. People continued to be healed, saved, and family altars were built. A policeman stormed in and shouted, “You must stop these meetings or we will put you in jail!” Police continued to appear at various times, and eventually the persecution became more severe. But, as God continued to work among the believers, the persecution lessened.

In 1940, Maria held a revival in Hermosillo and many souls were added to the Kingdom. No one could have known at the time that Hermosillo would become one of the largest churches in Mexico. Many ministers had received training during the persecution and were chosen vessels. Her ministry spread throughout Mexico and the United States; she was one of the principal founders of the Full Gospel Church of God, and her life is a powerful testimony to her personal belief that “Here there are no doubts.”