The Williamses have served in Honduras since 1996. Following Martin’s graduation from the University of Florida, the Williamses fulfilled a year-long internship with the renowned Church of God career missionary, Jack Dyer, who is now deceased. At the time, there was a dairy farm/Missionary Training Center. The herd was growing, and anticipating the need for new pastures was an area that Martin was familiar with from his education.

Martin and Wendy Williams

The Missionary Training Center was a short distance from La Ceiba, a city on the northern coast of Honduras. The center’s purpose was to introduce missionary candidates to a Third World culture. The Training Center was supported by the operation of the dairy, and was striving for self-sufficiency in the Honduran economy.

Other ventures of the Williamses’ ministry included using puppets, conducting Bible studies, and establishing children’s ministry programs in local villages.

Healing Hands Global, Inc., the ministry of the Williamses, opened a hospital … the Dyer Rural Hospital of Rio Viejo. They recently met with a politician from Honduras who toured the facility, along with the director of the public hospital in La Ceiba. Martin and Wendy also met with the regional director of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Batres, in Tegucigalpa.

Dyer Rural Hospital celebrated its 10th year anniversary at the end of last year. Over the years, they have provided more than 40,000 patient consults in their surrounding area and Las Minas; taught health education to more than 19,000 students; resourced more than 500 teachers; hosted 92 teams; delivered 13 beautiful babies; and reached every village in their mountain cove with medical care. The Williamses stand in awe of all God has done!

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