It is a nightmare few missionaries ever face, but it does happen. Missionaries can be the victims of robbery and theft just like everyone else. Unfortunately, this instance was not overseas but right here in the U.S.

Vance and Kari MassengillWhile itinerating in the States, the Vance Massengill family’s truck was stolen, a vital necessity when visiting churches for fund raising. On the day the truck was taken, a family gave them a 2006 Mazda van, even making the trip to deliver it. The next day it was theirs! The Massengills received several similar offers and they were speechless at such amazing generosity in their time of need. With several long trips ahead of them, the van was going to be used extensively.

Since the truck was not recovered by September 3rd, the insurance company declared the truck a total loss, and agreed to a settlement amount. Praying for an amount more than the Bluebook value, they received an amount more than what they had prayed. Considering the truck was a 2014 vehicle, the family could not be happier. Still disheartened about the loss of their truck, as the truck was the one thing that was all theirs, in considering how horribly it could have ended, they are grateful for God’s grace and provision.

Leandra and Kendra, of course, were saddened by the theft. Kendra said, “The bad people even got part of our missions display … like they could use that or something.” Children are honest in their perspectives. On a more humorous note, she also stated that the one thing she did not like about America is that it rains a lot here. In the Middle East, it almost never rains. You don’t even have to watch the weather report—which, she says, is wrong most of the time!

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