In May this year, the Missions emphasis will be as stirring and inspiring as ever for a host of states! Field representatives Terrell Brinson and J. Martin Taylor have embarked on a cooperative effort to engage several states in an exciting and effective endeavor.

The following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Ohio, Pacific Northwest, California/Nevada, Tennessee, New Mexico/El Paso, Northern New England, Virginia, New York, and the Heartland Region are the areas under the guidance of Terrell Brinson.

J. Martin Taylor’s states for missions emphasis are: Arkansas, Tennessee, Delmarva/DC, and Northern New England. Another field representative on board with this concept is Charles Duncan and the states with whom he is involved.

Terrell Brinson has been using this forum of appeal among his states for approximately seven years. The event is approved by the World Missions Board and each state overseer, who in turn, sends every pastor a letter and a brochure that promotes the state’s project. The pastor may select any Sunday in May for the emphasis. The raised funds are then sent, or brought, to the state camp meeting for its Missions night, anticipating reaching the state’s project goal.

Proven highly successful, states are united in a common bond to enlarge the missions effort and experience a great sense of accomplishment in the process for achieving God’s work around the globe.

Terrell states: “One church cannot do as much by itself, but in cooperation with other churches in their state, together they can make a huge impact with a greater influence for the Kingdom of God!”

Pastors that are not participating yet are encouraged to come alongside and undertake something special this year. Can you imagine what could be accomplished for missions if 100 percent of our churches would bring an exceptional gift for Missions to their summer camp meeting/conference this year? Together, it can be done!

Missions Month May 2018 is one more inventive way of fulfilling the Great Commission by implementing the FINISH Commitment.