Dr. Grant McClung, President of Missions Resource Group, was among some 25 Pentecostal world missions leaders who met recently in Rome to lay the groundwork for plenary and workshop content and participant selection for two international events scheduled for the global Pentecostal movement in 2018 and 2019. The consultation was led by the World Missions Commission of the Pentecostal World Fellowship.

Grant McClungThe PWF has established a World Missions Commission, (WMC) composed of world missions executives from the major Pentecostal organizations, networks, and affiliate associations. McClung represents the Church of God as a member of the WMC Executive Committee and serves the commission as a Missiological Advisor.

Together in One Mission, (a book co-edited by McClung and A. Hamalainen), states Church of God General Overseer Timothy Hill, “makes a significant contribution to world evangelization, detailing the teamwork among Pentecostals to reach the lost. We have sometimes been viewed as fragmented; but there is, however, a great move of cooperation among us that is greatly impacting the global harvest.”

McClung has published extensively on world evangelization, posting numerous resources for world missions leaders and the local church at MissionsResourceGroup.org. A veteran field missionary, seminary trainer, and missions leader, McClung is currently serving in an at-large capacity for global missionary education through Church of God World Missions (Project #065-0853). He is a former member of the Church of God International Executive Council (2006—2010).

More on the Pentecostal World Fellowship and the future world missions events is found at pentecostalworldfellowship.org and pwfmissions.net.