Grant and Janice McClung are celebrating ten years of growth in the Missions Resource Group and Church of God World Missions partnership. Their training ministry provides resourcing by providing training, consulting, and mentoring to the global Great Commission community. “In February 2009,” McClung notes, “Janice and I were in Nairobi, Kenya for my first meeting with the World Missions Commission (WMC) of the Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF). This was followed up by a teaching visit to the Church of God Discipleship Training College in Kenya.”

In Nairobi, McClung was appointed as the Missiological Advisor to the WMC and now serves on their Executive Committee. The Commission provides networking and training leadership for Pentecostal missions executives worldwide and has superintended the development of cooperative missions networks in most of the world’s regions. McClung works region by region to bring Church of God missions leaders into the various peer resourcing and fellowship networks.

During McClungs tenure, the WMC has also partnered with the PWF and Pathway Press with the publication of “Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization.” In his endorsement statement, General Overseer Timothy Hill noted that the book, “…makes a significant contribution to world evangelization, detailing the teamwork among Pentecostals to reach the lost. There is a great move of cooperation among us that is greatly impacting the global harvest.”

McClung continues to serve concurrently in the PWF role while maintaining an Associate Missionary status with Church of God World Missions. “Comparing two of our international travel commitments for 2019,” McClung observed, “we will serve the Church of God European Theological Seminary in the Spring and broaden our reach to speak in the International Missions Leaders Forum just prior to the Pentecostal World Conference in Canada in the Summer. This balance allows us to bring the best from both networks into collaboration with one another in world missions.”

The McClungs are veteran field missionaries with the Church of God, having served in missions teaching and administration in Europe and the Middle East (World Missions Project Number 065 – 0853). Their writing resources on missional church, prayer, and strategic leadership are available from the “Resources” and Ebooks posted at