Missionaries Benson and Cathy Vaughan serve in Latin America, specifically as educators at SEMISUD (South American Ministerial Seminary) in Ecuador. Many weekends find the school’s students in area churches, ministering and serving in various ways.

The Vaughans also teach classes on Saturday that are designed for seminary students who cannot attend Monday through Friday due to their work schedules.

The Ecuadorian lifestyle has modern stores in the cities, but most people lead very simple lives … visiting markets and selling their wares on the street. Family is important in Ecuador and much of family life revolves around the local parks located near the villages, towns, and cities. Benson and Cathy did not realize the importance of the local parks until one student wrote about the use of parks as an evangelistic tool! The student said his barrio did not have a park, and if he could work with the village, he would propose building a local park. Without a park, families do not have a place to go and spend time during nights and weekends. Without this type of family time, many men will go to the bars and drink away their time. Things would be different if there was a park.

In a park near the Vaughans, there is a playground with exercise equipment, and ladies from the surrounding villages come to sell their produce. Various entertainment options are also available for families.

Truly, it is a strategic place to start evangelistic outreaches … sharing the Light of Jesus and FINISHING the Great Commission.

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