Short-term missionary Don Seeders reports on his recent trip to Peru in South America.

Huancayo is the capital of the Huancayo Province and the population is between 340,000 and 380,000, the fifth most populous city in the country. It is considered Peru’s economic and social hub.

In Huancayo, the team spent two days providing medical missions—one in the streets of the city, and the other day in a village an hour north of the city. Three doctors, one dentist, and other professionals supplied physical examinations, echograms, blood tests, medicines, physical therapy, and dentistry.

Along with the 181 people who were ministered to physically and spiritually, six people received salvation, and a 9-year-old with a brain tumor may receive help from the USA.

Don taught a small missions group of young people who have started five house churches, resulting in six people accepting Jesus as Savior, and one man healed. The man had been in a serious accident and doctors predicted it would take six months or more for him to even begin to walk again. Now, in less than two months, he walked perfectly!

Other ministries included a men and women’s conference, a youth conference, and marriage counseling.

God is touching lives!

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