Short-term missionaries Anthony and Silvia Gaffney mainly serve in Mexico, as well as a few other places of ministry.

The couple visits orphanages, and involves themselves in other avenues of outreach, such as distributing Spanish Bibles, and providing CDs with various biblical messages about fear and trusting the Lord. In addition, they teach Bible lessons; the Gaffneys even teach some English classes.

Silvia is a dentist, and much of her work is about dental care that includes pulling teeth, filling cavities, and cleaning and checking teeth. Anthony’s role is assisting her by setting up and taking down the dental equipment, and keeps records in a notebook. Often, the couple makes visits to our Bible institutes to provide dental care. Each trip, their work continues to increase. Many of the patients must return for treatment, as they have serious problems that will take time to cure. Earlier in the Gaffneys’ ministry in Mexico, they provided boxes of clothing and sheets and pillowcases; but, the Mexican government placed an embargo, making it too difficult to afford.

“Short-term” simply means the Gaffneys typically serve a few weeks or months at a time, and are volunteers who wish to use their talents and skills for the Lord. COG World Missions provides a place and opportunity for their involvement. In other words, creating a short-term ministry that reaps “long-term” investment.

Project #065-0874