Dr. M.G. McLuhan was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and served the Church of God in a distinguished lifetime as a pastor, educator, missionary, and Bible teacher. He also served in many leadership positions in his native Canada, as well as, Africa, and the United States. For two decades, Dr. McLuhan was the associate pastor at the Mt. Paran Church of God in Atlanta, Georgia.

McLuhan FamilyWhile in Africa, Dr. McLuhan filled the positions of Principal of Berea, South Africa; overseer of Angola and British Central Africa; and the executive director of Missions, South Africa.

Dr. McLuhan’s gift as a “master teacher” made him a mentor for hundreds of young ministers and Christian believers, some of whom became local national leaders in Africa. In an African Diary Series published in the Church of God Lighted Pathway years ago, Dr. McLuhan, as overseer of British Central Africa, penned these words:

“How my heart thrilled to see men being set forth into the ministry! Around us were the heathen, looking on in wonderment as we laid our hands on the heads of these men whom God had called for His service. I realized I would never be able to reach the hearts of the crowd close by, but these of their own race and tribe would surely be able to reach them with the gospel. These men upon whose heads I was laying my hands would become the key to unlock the heart of Nyasaland for our church. How I wished some of my brethren from America could have been with me to witness the scene. I was the only white man there, but best of all, my Heavenly Father was there, and He could see the future which I could not.”

Dr. McLuhan would later speak of the beloved brethren in Nyasaland in whose presence he had spent some of the most blessed days of his life.

His life is an example of a hero of service and faith.