Lloyd Frazier’s life began with a miracle; complications at birth could have caused him to have been stillborn had his birth been two minutes later. His parents were Church of God, so they knew God’s miracle-working power.

Lloyd met Edna in high school, and two years after graduating, they married. The couple worked in their home church, but Lloyd felt the pull to attend Lee University to prepare for fulltime ministry. God spoke to Lloyd: “You know what my will is for you at this time, and when it is time to take another step, I will shine My light on your path.”

While at Lee, Lloyd felt the call to missions. In 1967, he and Edna began their missionary journey fulfilling an in-service training appointment to Quezaltenango, Guatemala, after which they would serve in Panama for 12 years as educational director and overseer. After receiving his M.Div. at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, he was appointed in 1982 as missionary supervisor in Haiti and completed his Master’s program. Their tenure in Haiti lasted 11-1/2 years and required rigorous and demanding supervision. Haiti has always been plagued by political turmoil and during the Fraziers’ later years there, they were accosted by robbers with machine guns. Miraculously, they were unharmed, knowing God had spared their lives, but it was a traumatic experience.

The Fraziers now reside in Cleveland, Tennessee and continue to offer guidance to those following the missions calling. Lloyd once stated: “The very basis of our missions work is for God to help us in the work of making disciples. Adjusting to working with people with a different value system and different customs is difficult … sometimes it feels as if the whole culture fails to grasp certain truths of the Bible. We need God’s patience and wisdom to understand and deal with the problems.”