Born in Norfolk, Virginia, David Byrd began his ministry in Bamberg, West Germany, where he and his wife, Vickie (she is from Knoxville, Tenn.), conducted weekly services outside the military base, as well as Bible studies in homes on the base. In the base chapel, they held Sunday school classes for the children. The Byrds served as assistant pastors at the Langen Hessen church, ministered in a German coffee house, and worked with Servicemen Centers directors.

David has studied Theology at Christian Life School of Theology and Tomlinson College. David graduated from Lee University with a BS in Elementary Education with honors. Vickie has studied to work in medical records and worked at a clinic before they moved to Guatemala in 2005.

David’s story is similar to many others when it involves a calling to the mission field. On a 10-day missions trip in 1999, God began a work in him. He would wake up weeping in the early morning hours and continued to have visions of Guatemalan people walking on top of the mountain where he had just visited. After several more of these visions, David saw in the final one a figure standing in a white robe waving “come.” They began to prepare to move to Guatemala. As associate missionaries, the couple serve the Mayan Chorti and Kekche people who live in mountain villages in Eastern Guatemala and near the Caribbean coast.

Before becoming a part of World Missions, the Byrds initiated a non-profit called Restoration Ministries International Latin America, Inc. They also aligned with another ministry, Servant Ministries in Guatemala. David did reforestation projects and water holding systems. They have been providing 290-gallon water tanks, and an education program for middle and high school students, as well as, overseeing two feeding centers, building and renovating churches, houses, and conducting pastoral and leadership training seminars.

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