For 10 years, the Tysons served in Guatemala, their ministry encompassing church planting, church and clinic construction, discipleship and Christian education training, evangelistic activities, and hosting short-term teams from the United States. They returned from the field in 1998.

Joyce was born in Guatemala, as she is the daughter of now-deceased missionaries Vergil and Helen Wolf. It is only natural that she and Frankie desired to return to Guatemala once again, this time their emphasis to minister to needy pastors. By hosting short-term teams, the Tysons are rebuilding parsonages of pastors and their families who were affected in recent years from the hard-hitting earthquakes in Central America.

Known as Hearts for Shepherds, the Tysons’ ministry is specifically to assist pastors who live in extremely poor conditions. They have seen children of pastors suffer sickness and even death due to the lack of adequate housing. Hearts for Shepherdsis expanding throughout Central America, along with the Tysons’ involvement in evangelistic endeavors.

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