For career missionaries Jack and Mary-Margaret Morris, life is progressing into a new season. The notable couple is retiring at the 2018 General Assembly in Orlando, Florida, but will continue in global missions. Their upcoming trip will be to Australia, Thailand, and Nepal.

The Morrises’ have given 36 years of service on the mission field. They began as overseer of Kenya in 1982, followed by ministering in Botswana, and finishing in Australia. This past year has allowed them to travel to various places to fulfill global missions.

Jack’s father was a Pentecostal Holiness preacher, giving him the privilege of growing up in a Christian environment. He attended Lee University; obtained a B.A. in Biblical Education from Northwest Bible College; and received a master’s degree from the Church of God Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Jack also has a commercial/multi-engine pilot rating.

While in the Air Force in Turkey, Jack married Mary-Margaret Holdman in Kaiserslautern, Germany in 1967. After serving in the Air Force, he and Mary-Margaret pastored the Christian Servicemen’s Center in Germany and then started a Servicemen’s Center in Turkey.

The Morrises have seen miracles along their journey … Mary-Margaret had severe rheumatoid arthritis; her fingers had already begun to curl and it settled in her back to where she had to use a wheelchair for a time, but through a series of events, God led her to a healing and she regained her former stamina with no evidence that she was ever affected by arthritis. In 1996, Jack was involved in a serious automobile accident that could have taken his life; had Mary-Margaret been with him, she would have been killed.

God’s purpose always prevails and they have enjoyed a fruitful ministry that has spanned over the 36 years in World Missions. World Missions will miss them, but once a missionary—always a missionary!