Josh and Jessica are young missionaries accomplishing a remarkable work at the Casa Shalom (House of Peace) orphanage in Guatemala City, one of the Church of God’s oldest homes for children. Founded in 1986, the home began with three children and has expanded to over 100 children from across Guatemala. Many of them were orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected, and often come from families too poor to care for them.

Joshua and Jessica HansonThe couple has served as missionaries and directors at Casa Shalom since 2008, overseeing the operations. Children come to the orphanage for many reasons, but they always feel acceptance. The Hansons are legal guardians, and with a team of workers, they provide for the daily physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and educational needs of the children in a safe, Christ-centered environment.

Josh is a graduate of Lee University with a degree in education, and Jessica has a master’s degree in Spanish from the University of Tennessee. Recently, six of the children and teenagers were selected for their academic success and class leadership to be “abanderados,” (flag bearers) for their respective classes in Independence Day celebrations. The Hansons are proud of their young people and thankful to see their accomplishments rewarded by teachers and school administrators.

The most important goal of Casa Shalom is to show the love of Christ, while also providing healthy meals, health care, clothing, as well as a clean and safe environment for the children to grow and thrive.

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