Missionaries to Honduras, Natan and Kristen Martinez, have a multi-faceted ministry covering a wide range of activity.

The couple has had a full schedule of community visits in their quest toward the ultimate goal of breaking cycles of poverty in the rural areas. Natan co-pastors a local church in Siguatepeque, while Kristen is involved in a local Bible study group for missionaries.

Frequently, circumstances arise that cause missionaries to relocate their residences, and the Martinezes recently faced that hurdle. Plagued by a series of problems in their former apartment, Natan and Kristen settled into a new rental house and now live within walking distance from the church—“all things have worked together for good.”

Natan and Kristen are responsible for the establishment of their nonprofit, VER International—Validate, Educate, and Restore. Amongst the ministry’s projects was the constructing of a “healthy house” for an elderly lady and her grandkids, the renovation of a missions base in an indigenous people group territory, and donating “healthy beds” (plus mattresses, blankets) to families of whom many have never had a real bed on which to sleep. Additional humanitarian activities are house-to-house hygiene training in various villages, free medical clinics in different villages, pastoral training, micro-business support, and the strengthening of local team and community allies.

Project #102-7075-009 (Latin America Missions Agencies)