The Days’ visit to the U.S. in recent months proved to be one of their most productive times yet! God opened many new doors for them, and they were grateful for the new contacts made through various church visits and conferences … divine appointments arranged by God.

Returning to Honduras, national Pastor Manuel met with them and shared plans about a new territory that will be started in Lempira. An area with few evangelical churches, much less Church of God churches, it is a region ripe for harvest. An initial plan is to establish a COG seminary in Lempira. The seminary will be specifically geared towards church planting since they are already sending pastors into unevangelized areas.

While still learning the details of this project, the Days have claimed the land for Christ and believe He will provide what is needed to build and maintain. The projected budget is $11,000 ($7,000 for dorms and kitchen and $4,000 for an auditorium). Once the seminary is started, the pastors and church planters (45 of them) will be trained for 10 months at a cost of about $4,500 a year. Additional money is needed for paying teachers, transportation, bills, etc. ($5,000). Basically, $10,000 annually will teach and develop 45 new pastors and church planters—it comes out to less than $225 a year per pastor.

God has given the vision, and the Days are assured He will provide above and beyond what is needed. Just in July and August, they repaired an antenna to receive the territory’s internet; repaired two pastors’ homes; began building a home for a retired pastor; helped move a pastor; raised funds for the seminary and received the plans to initiate the new territory in Lempira.

The Days continue to believe for many souls to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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