Since leaving Lee University in 1990, Todd and Rhonda served in several ministry capacities. While fulfilling the role as Local Mission Representatives in their local church, they attended the first World Missions National LMR Rally in Cleveland, Tennessee. The Taylors were taken to dinner by a missionary friend at the close of the rally. In the restaurant, the owner came to speak to them. He prayed over them, prophesied over them, and they received their call to be missionaries.

Following months of prayer, Todd and Rhonda heard the Lord say, “South America.” After a few more weeks of prayer, the Lord then said, “Paraguay.” The Taylors were led to the capital city of Asunción and the ministry at the dump.

Rhonda quit her job at a bank and graduated from nursing school—training that is used to help with the medical needs at the dump.

The Taylors’ ministry is called: “Esperanza para el Vertadero;” translated it means: “Hope for the Dump.” Their plans include feeding, clothing, educating, and providing a medical clinic for those living in the dump.

Initially, the school had 50 students, but this year the number has grown to 110. Including the parents in school activities has had a profound positive effect on the children and their education. An added benefit is the strong family relationships that have been built at home.

The old playset on the playground was in poor condition and was no longer safe for the children. A new playset has been built which is much larger and allows room for many more children to play. Recently, a much-needed water filter system was added that provides clean drinking water for the children and staff.

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