Yves Bazile was born in Léogáne, Haiti. After his conversion in 1983, he began to prepare himself for ministry. Yves’ first ministerial assignment was in Brooklyn, New York, as youth pastor. He soon realized the need for further ministerial training and attended East Coast Bible College where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. In deciding to be better prepared for the future tasks awaiting him, Yves completed the Master of Divinity program at Pentecostal Theological Seminary and sought the Lord intensely for direction. His prayer was: “Wherever He leads me, I will go.”

Yves and Micheline BazileYves was not sure whether the Lord would send him to the mission field abroad or allow him to continue to work in the United States. He became aware the Lord was preparing him for fulltime ministry in France, one of the least evangelized countries in Western Europe. Born again Pentecostal Christians comprise less than one percent of the population. Yves believes France is on the brink of a great spiritual awakening, and he wants to be a warrior in the battle against the anti-spiritual mindset that exists in that country.

Yves is married to Micheline, and they are the parents of three children. They serve in France as missionary pastors and church planters. Your prayers and financial support are coveted for this monumental task.

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