Veteran missionaries Chuck and Sherry Quinley have been serving in Thailand since 2006. Their previous missionary service took them to Jamaica in 1986 and later to the Philippines in 1989.

The Quinleys’ primary emphasis is teaching students the value of using media through the EMERGE program. Their stories on video are testimonies of the miracle-working power of God and a powerful witness to the unsaved. The EMERGE ministry now extends its influence by raising scholarship funds for Sidewalk kids.

Chuck posed a question: “How far can any child go raised in the most polluted, impoverished setting imaginable?”

One of the Quinleys’ associations in ministry is with a Sidewalk Children’s Ministries team, founded in Manila by Joann Luciano. It began with thirteen kids who were living alongside a nearby railroad track, and no one could have ever anticipated the thousands of lives that would be changed through this outreach … 10,000 kids attend weekly.

One young lady named Johannah grew up in a squatter’s neighborhood, the last of seven kids raised by a single mother. Each weekend, the Sidewalk team brought her the gospel in song, games, and Bible memory contests. Weekly engagement discipled her and taught her to see herself as an exceptional child and a leader for others. She now leads her own sidewalk site and recently received her college degree—as an Aeronautical Engineer—a rarity for someone from a squatter’s area where it is even more unheard of for one finishing high school.

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