As veteran pioneer missionaries, Jonathan and Daniela have experienced an anointed and God-appointed ministry.

Jonathan and Daniela AugustineDuring Jonathan’s senior year in college, the Lord called him to preach. Jonathan’s heart can be felt when he expresses how it began: “At the same time the Lord gave me a vision and call to preach, He showed me He would take me into other countries to preach the gospel where others feared or did not desire to go. The Lord promised if I would humbly obey, He would provide the means and, even in other cultures, put words into my mouth which would pierce the hearts of those who heard. This promise came to fulfillment later when God called me to go to Bulgaria, a country of which I had not even heard. While in prayer, God gave me another vision of a great harvest in Bulgaria, myself holding a sickle and reaping.”

Jonathan and Daniela spent 11 years in Daniela’s native country of Bulgaria. Serving a wide range of ministry positions, they pioneered the Bulgarian Theological College. The first six months found Jonathan frustrated, because he couldn’t speak Bulgarian and did not have an aptitude for languages. Jonathan desperately cried out to God as he worshiped with those at a seminar in Germany: “Father, I see there are no barriers that your Holy Spirit cannot break down. I pray you will open my mind to the Bulgarian language.”

With that earnest prayer came a miracle! At the small gathering at EBS, God gave him the meaning of what His Spirit was saying through the speaker. He began to understand EVERY word, EVERY BULGARIAN word! Jonathan suddenly realized everyone was staring at him with their mouths wide opened … he had just SPOKEN in Bulgarian! He has been speaking the language ever since.

In 2004, Jonathan was appointed as regional superintendent of Central Europe, eventually taking the present position of regional superintendent for Central Europe-East and the Balkans. His responsibilities include development of the COG in the nations of Central Europe where the COG has been established in the last 15 years, and renewing a church planting emphasis, especially in the Balkans where development has stagnated.

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