According to Merriam-Webster, “enabling” gives someone the authority or means to do something; to be empowered. Church of God World Missions is in the practice of enabling and empowering.

For over 106 years, World Missions has enabled and empowered missionaries to live out Jesus and reap a harvest of souls, educate, disciple, and offer humanitarian outreach by partnering with local churches, and donors. Church of God World Missions is also helping through provisional logistics to give a way for the COG constituency to be vicarious participants in the spreading of the gospel. Converts who often have no means of furthering their education are enabled by World Missions to receive an excellent education at one of our qualified and accredited learning institutions.

When reading in Acts about the missionary exploits of Paul and Barnabas, Silas, Timothy and more, it is abundantly clear that God’s method of reaching all nations is dual. It includes those who are obedient in sending or enabling, as well as those who He calls to give up family and culture to “enable” those who do not know of Christ, to come freely to Him. Prayer, financial support, relationship, and the constant seeking of the presence of God are the ways by which we participate in missionary enablement.

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