Parachurch missionary, Hannah Martin and her daughter, Aliya, have returned to Romania after a sabbatical in the U.S. which provided time to step back, rest, and reconnect in order to once again move forward on the mission field.

While Aliya experienced America in a whole new way, Hannah had opportunities to attend various conferences and even a Mission Intensive Training School. Her goal is to step out from continual survival mode and move into a life that is thriving in God.

Hannah’s mother decided to go and spend a month with them in Romania. Upon arrival, Hannah and Aliya moved into a new apartment that is housed in the attic of the ministry center and runs the length of the building. Some renovations had to take place, and, as with any renovations, there was more to do than expected, taking more time. Her mom’s presence helped 100 percent, and before she left to return to the States, Hannah and Aliya had an amazing new home to begin a new stage of their lives and ministry in Romania.

Hannah is excited by the new challenges and blessings that come with this new season. Her ministry focus is for a church plant in their community. The neighborhood where the Ministry Center is located is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Cluj, which is one of the fastest growing cities in Romania. She wants to impact her community and provide a place where the people can experience God’s presence.

Project #065-0928