International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes urge ongoing prayer for Send the Light to the Cities, and especially for Georgetown, Guyana.

Georgetown is listed within the field area of the Caribbean. As the capital city of Guyana, her estimated population claims 773,808. It is unfortunate that Georgetown is known for crime; yet, a more opportune place could not be selected as one of the Send the Light to the Cities. She is an open door for evangelism and discipleship in the radius of the Caribbean.

Strategically positioned, Georgetown will be an effective force in training workers for the end-time harvest. Various religions are represented within her limits, although 57 percent claim Christianity. Georgetown’s influence will be far-reaching. She is host to the Ebenezer Bible School … a Church of God education institution that has provided numerous students who have entered the ranks of ministry for Guyana and the Caribbean.

The Church of God, having been established in Georgetown in 1956, is in position now to rise and shine for the Kingdom of God, winning souls as never before. A search team has been looking, and letters of request have been sent to the government, for property on which to build the HUB Ministry and Training Center.

But this will not happen unless we pray and God answers.

Project #102-9435-003