Few major towns exist in Rwanda, but Kigali is the largest with one million people. Just south of the Equator in east central Africa, the country of Rwanda has breathtaking scenery and is often referred to in French as the “land of a thousand hills.” Unfortunately, she was the site of one of the worst atrocities in history with the 1994 genocide that killed one million Tutsi and Hulu. Christians failed to take their positions as pastors and Bishops failed their flocks by participating in the heinous crime. The majority of this group of leadership were not theologically trained. Training modern leadership that can stand for their Christian position and show the Light to the nation, as well as East Africa in general, is now the heart’s cry.

The Church of God in Kigali wants to turn the city into one that will shine before East Africa through a training center so others will see the Light of the world. As one of the cities of focus in the World Missions SL2C project, Kigali is a prime location to evangelize and make disciples.

Building plans for the site of the training center HUB have been difficult to be approved due to its position in a new section of Kigali. The old master plan of building in this sector was cancelled and the government stopped giving or approving building plans while waiting on the new master plan to be in place. Our leadership participated in forming the new master plan. With the current plan that was established, new building drawings must be submitted to ensure they are in conformity with the new requirements.

Project #102-9435-004