With a population of 21.2 million people, Mexico City maintains the distinction of the largest city in the Western Hemisphere. A prime location for the Send the Light to the Cities emphasis, the converts and students trained at the center will have a strategic stance on the people of Mexico City.

Providing a great door of opportunity, Mexico City has yet obstacles that must be overcome. Although there was a significant earthquake that caused even the Churches of God loss in property and lives, SL2C continues moving forward in spite of the challenges. Rebuilding takes time and the duration can be a slow process, prohibiting quick recovery. They strive to get back on their feet.

The Church of God in Mexico City wants to be a part of the vision of World Missions Director David Griffis and support all efforts. World Missions is committed to the Mexico City project. Churches stateside, donors, and states continue to press forward in assisting the project.

God’s priority in saving souls and training disciples may seem obstructed for a season, but His timing will triumph and victory will be achieved. Prayer will make the difference!

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