Everyone realizes World Missions is in the ministry of sending missionaries, educating nationals, and extending humanitarian relief in times of tragedy and disaster. Never is there a time when there is not work to be done somewhere and sometime.

World Missions is always focused on opportunities where it can affect the FINISH aspect of the Great Commission. Its ministry is on-going and never pauses in its efforts to win lost souls or to provide for their spiritual and physical needs. The demands are great.

One has to wonder, though, how often do we consider that World Missions itself needs prayer? The ministry requires substantial skill and is often exhausting, but no thought is ever prone to quitting or giving up in the face of adversity. That’s because miracles frequently happen. The individuals who lead World Missions carry a heavy load and prayer is the essential element for them to keep their focus in view, forever needing the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all things. As humans, their strength can wane from time-to-time and they need the energizing power that comes from others who regularly pray for them.

When handling a large, yet thinly-stretched budget, accountability and accuracy are vital. Prayer keeps the responsibility of managing and dispersing funds at a high level of quality. When one is busy at fulfilling the task of overseeing support, that is when the prayers of others is relied upon the most.

Equally important is praying for every associate and their family; protection from the enemy’s snares and their spiritual and physical welfare. Good health always makes life and its demands easier.

World Missions is grateful and appreciative of the countless, earnest, and intercessory prayers that are offered for its staff and workers on a daily basis. World Missions could not accomplish what it does without those prayers. Together, the harvest is truly within reach and can be FINISHED!