Recently, adversities have become all too common and worsened in Turkey. Yet, the church has survived, although there is no relief in sight because of the strict presidential rules. One American pastor was imprisoned for an alleged act of treason. Our pastor once was taken to a police station, but was released because he paid the fine.

In a coup de têtê, the international terminal was destroyed twice by insurrectionists; a soccer stadium was blown up; a Russian ambassador was assassinated, and the country is under restricted movement with no martial law. Christians are considered terrorists. Attacks happen all around, while innocent lives are being taken.

God always has a remnant, though, and the church is active with services once a week, and meets in restaurants on occasion to talk about the Lord. With the tense environment, it is difficult to recruit individuals to evangelize. Some workers of other organizations have left the country because of the legal requirements to stay. The constant threat of getting captured and used for ransom is prevalent. Visas are becoming a problem to obtain, also.

Our missionary in Turkey faces declining health, but his desire is to continue the work until the Lord calls him home.

In spite of the turmoil, the Light of Jesus continues to shine in the darkness amidst great oppression.

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