Through prayer and generous donations, God grants us the privilege of investing into the lives of those added to His Kingdom from every nation on the earth. He gives us the opportunity to pray, give, and go. We are fulfilling the Great Commission.

Jesus is the ultimate example of giving, and we can be like Him by learning to give. We can share His Good News with others by SENDING THE LIGHT to every corner of the earth.

Perhaps you may have questions about donor contributions, such as “What is a Faith Promise? A faith promise is a covenant with God for any amount you commit to give World Missions as God provides … a faith venture where you partner with God.

You may wonder, too, just how much of what is given goes directly to the missionary/project you designate? ALL donations received by Church of God World Missions are applied—100 percent! No donations are used for administrative purposes.

For your convenience, each time you make a contribution, you will receive a receipt and a report showing the balance of your promise. You will not receive reminders of your Faith Promise.

When you do not designate a missionary or a project, the money goes into a general fund and is sent to a missionary/project deemed to have the greatest need at the time.

Donations sent to WM that include a specific project number are posted within one week. Those without a project number will be contacted for additional information before posting can take place. It is important to regularly update your information, which can be done on the receipt you receive.

Giving directly through World Missions can be done online at, by mail at PO Box 8016, Cleveland, TN 37320, or call 800.535.9343.

Other options of giving include “Current Gifts”—This option includes offerings and anything of value you release to WM, such as stocks, real estate, and personal property. “Future Gifts”—Gifts made through your will are future gifts. Deferred gifts are those made through a Charitable Trust which allows you to receive an income until your death. The assets are then released to be used for a designated ministry.

Once donations are processed, an official receipt is sent to you for tax purposes, acknowledging your gift.

World Missions is trustworthy and seeks to make giving as easy and thorough as possible. Thank you for putting your faith and trust into our ministries around the world!