In March we told you about Raeghan Bryant, our new missionary to Romania (you can read that story here). Raeghan recently sent us an update on her life in Europe and let us know what it is like to live on the mission field.

Here is her story:

At 19 years old, I was called to missions during my first trip to Romania. People have different ideas of what “being called” means, for me it meant that I had a full heart and plan-altering love for the country of Romania and its people. However, it takes a lot more than just a heart for someone to get on the mission field. I have heard many people ask the question “What does a missionary do?” Even I can’t answer this question, because every missionary is different. The best way to find out what a missionary does is to ask them, and I’m sure you will never get the same answer.

It is similar to the ministry of being a pastor. The responsibilities of a pastor are not the same as a preacher. They are typically two jobs in one and with each job comes different responsibilities. I have found this to be true in the life of a missionary. Some may share the good news of our Savior from a church building, others  doing life with the people around them. There are many logistics behind the work of a missionary. For me it looks something like: responding to emails, posting updates on social media, writing articles, fundraising, and caring for kids.

In just three short months since I have been here, I have seen progress as I learn something new every day:

I am learning a new language.
I am learning how to navigate public transportation.
I am learning how to cook new foods with ingredients that I cannot even pronounce.
I am learning how to live life in a foreign land.
I am learning that building relationships and trust takes times.
And I am learning a dependency on God that I have never experienced before because I cannot do what I am here to do without God’s daily provision of faith, patience, endurance, and love.

A few of my responsibilities include:

Youth Transition Program: I am working as a mentor for the girls in the YTP with Bread of Life Ministries. At this point, my relationship with each girl is different. I am learning personalities and building trust with the girls. In September, I will begin teaching English classes for the boys and girls in the program.

Children’s Home: I also travel often to the Children’s Home to help with the sponsorship program. Since my last short-term trip Bread of Life has welcomed several new children into the home. Many of these kids come from incredibly difficult situations, but the resiliency I see in these children is amazing. The children’s home is a place a hope for children whose life looked so different just less than a year ago.

Administrative: While the girls are at school, I work in the office on administrative things such as writing social media posts, calling donors, planning trips for teams to come visit, and writing articles. I also travel with mission teams while they are here and this is mission trip season!

When I think about the responsibility has been given to me to work with these kids and the opportunity I have to make an impact on their lives, I am humbled. God is doing amazing work here in Romania, and I am thankful to be a part of it.

To partner with Raeghan, use this link: Project #065-0959.