Missionaries Dennis and Vanna Tanner began serving as Administrative Bishop of Scotland in 2008. The Tanners feel honored to serve and work with one of the most remarkable, generous, faithful, and loyal group of men and women in the Church of God.

In celebrating 10 years in Scotland, it can be easily revealed how God has brought the increase:

  • 10 years ago, Scotland had five churches. Today, 18 churches!
  • 10 years ago, the total membership was around 200. Today, 600-plus!
  • 10 years ago, COG Scotland only owned one building. Today, five buildings are owned by COG Scotland congregations!
  • 10 years ago, there were only three Ordained Bishops. Today, nine Ordained Bishops!
  • 10 years ago, there were only two Ordained ministers. Today, 10 Ordained ministers!
  • 10 years ago, there were only three with Exhorters license. Today, 11 men and women hold the Exhorters license!
  • 10 years ago, there was no youth ministry. Today, Scotland has a Youth Department, and appointed national youth director, and two district youth coordinators. And this year, they will conduct their 4th annual Church of God Youth Camp, as well as this year they established the first-ever Teen Talent Scotland!

 To God be the Glory! Great and mighty things He has done in Scotland.

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