The Mexican Bible Seminary (SEBIME—el Seminario Biblico Mexicano) was started in 1947 as a small Bible Institute called the “Instituto Biblico Berea” whose aim was to prepare pastors for ministry. Prospective pastors and ministers journeyed from across Mexico to live and study for three years in the city of Hermosillo. In 1978, under the leadership of Dr. Bill George, the transition was made to a four-year-institution offering Bachelors’ Degrees. Since then, SEBIME has been the flagship institution for the denomination in Mexico, and has prepared and graduated more pastors and ministers serving the Church of God in Mexico than any other school. The majority of current Mexican COG leaders had their formation within the sacred walls of SEBIME. As a theological and ministerial school, SEBIME has done an excellent job of training and empowering church leaders and laity alike. Additionally, SEBIME has the only School of Music for the denomination in Latin America.

sebime studentsOver the last five years, under the leadership of current President Kris Ramsundar and due to the changing landscape of education in Mexico, SEBIME has undergone several changes to position itself as an accredited institution with educational offerings at different levels across the country, and now through its Online programs across the world. From 100 students in its Residential Program (2014), the school now has 800 students in a variety of programs in Mexico and Cuba. This is achieved through the opening of more than 20 extension centers throughout Mexico and Cuba through the Extension Program (SEBIMEXT). The program has been successful in reaching students where they are, and helping pastors and ministers remain on the field while receiving valuable training from the Seminary.

In 2017, SEBIME’s Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies was awarded accreditation by the Secretary of Education and Culture for the State of Sonora. It is the only school for the COG in L.A. with accreditation from the government of the country in which it operates. Also, it is the first theological institution in Sonora to receive accreditation and will now serve to assist the State in accrediting other similar institutions. Instead of continuing as a four-year program, SEBIME will begin offering its Bachelor’s program in three years, starting in August 2018. At the same time, two new Bachelor’s Degrees: one in Missions/Church Planting, and the other in Holistic Child Development, will be introduced.

God has, indeed, been good to SEBIME and education in Mexico!

—Kris Ramsundar, President