The Church of God entered Togo (Togolese Republic) in 1992. The capital is Lomé, which is home to a population of 749,700 (2018), and is Togo’s only port. As a part of the World Missions project Send the Light to the Cities, the need for leadership development through education and training is overwhelming.

Progress has been tedious, but deliberate. Barriers of mistrust and denominationalism are continuing to be broken down, as well as tearing down the stronghold of spiritual bondage that exists through voodoo. Traditional animists are also prevalent. Togo is made up of 57 ethnic groups. No better place could be found for sending the Light.

Much of Togo’s population is under the age of 19, and churches are ill-equipped to address the needs of children and young people. A ministry center in Lomé can have tremendous impact on reaching the next generation for Christ. Developed leadership and disciples will reveal to the country the true Light of the World. Conversion to Islam is steadily growing, but discipled workers for the harvest can diminish its influence.

The biggest hurdle in the progress in Lomé is obtaining sufficient funds to make a down payment on available property. With such an enormous opportunity for a harvest of lives, the need to reach them is paramount.

Pray for God to open doors and send the finances to swiftly reap the harvest in Lomé—a city where the need for the Light is significant.

Project #102-9435-005