In 2017, tragedy struck the household of Assistant World Missions Director Dr. M. Thomas and LaQuita Propes. Summer, their beautiful and delightful daughter of 28 years, unexpectedly passed away.

A child of special needs, Summer expressed an ongoing concern for needy children everywhere. She never met a stranger; not only did she love everyone, but everyone who knew her or met her loved her at once—“instant joy.” Her name evokes warmth and sunshine, and in honor of Summer’s life, the Summer Joy Propes Memorial Fund was established.

Fittingly, a new girl’s dorm at the House of Faith Orphanage in Chiang Dao, Thailand, was named after Summer—Summer’s House. A garden has also been planted to feed the orphanage children healthy, fresh food (farm to table), while also teaching them valuable life skills of gardening. The name of the garden? Why, Summer’s Farm, of course! The efforts are establishing a shelter of love that is so indicative of Summer.

Pastors of The Crossing Chattanooga, Terry and Kaye Harris, have been instrumental in making this memorial come true. Somnuk and Lily Li Montrelerdrasme, overseer of Thailand, have also been involved in the success of Summer’s House and Farm. In addition, the food grown will be shared with the needy children in the surrounding impoverished hill tribe villages. The present emphasis “This Little Light of Mine,” the inspiration of Judy Griffis (wife of World Missions director, Dr. David Griffis), will benefit these orphaned children through other children around the world who will show their love and concern in a tangible way.

Who can possibly predict the outcome for some of these children who are the recipients of Summer’s legacy … we know it will be positive. Her life lives on and will produce fruit for the Kingdom of God—like the fragrance of a gentle summer breeze!

Project #775-0039-001