How satisfying is it to do the right thing for the right reason. Integrity of purpose and action leads to joy and peace—much like the angels proclaimed to the shepherds in that valley just outside Bethlehem.

The Right Reason

Honoring the birth of Christ during the Christmas season is the right reason to participate in Christ’s Birthday Offering. Directing your family’s attention to all the meaning of Emmanuel, “God with us,” is one of the most important activities we can share with young and old.

The Right Thing

Christ’s Birthday Offering has been one of the major projects for Church of God World Missions for many years. It is used in response to natural disasters and missionary emergencies. Crisis is not what we plan for in most budgets. Through CBO, good people are given good help because of good people like you and your family.

The Right Time

The month of December is when CBO is emphasized; however, the $20.18 your family gives will serve all throughout the year as a “first responder” of sorts to needs. It is amazing to see the hearts of people open in generous outpouring when a natural disaster has just happened. Crisis has a name, pictures, and an innate feeling of helping. The right thing for the right reason concept means seeing with future vision, knowing the help given now will be a greater blessing when, not if, disaster strikes.

Thank you for being the right person at the right time, doing the right thing for the right reason—Jesus Christ.

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