This Little Light of Mine, World Missions children’s project, started in the heart of International World Missions Director David Griffis’ wife, Judy Griffis. In her many travels, she began to see children from all over the world in need. This created a desire to help these precious, forgotten ones, and also encourage children their age in the United States to get involved in missions and help too. This Little Light of Mine will aid leadership, pastors, children’s workers, and parents in teaching kids to help other kids around the world by providing them practical and affordable opportunities to do so. It can teach children at a young age, that they can be a light to other children their age in far away places. Emphasizing basic human necessities, which all children need to survive, the project is designed so that kids can help kids and send their little light around the world. 

There are currently six projects that This Little Light of Mine is involved with, all reaching various parts of the world.

Jax’s Goat Farm in India is one of the projects that This Little Light of Mine is teaming up with.

The farm is not only a place where young boys are learning agriculture and animal husbandry, but also a place where they earn a sense of responsibility and love toward animals, and an awareness of life and environment.

The ministry provides self-sustaining training and the resources go towards the cost of food and supplies for the boys working and residing there.

$100 purchases a dairy goat and $50 purchases a mixed-breed goat.

To get your children or children’s ministry involved, or to find out more about This Little Light of Mine, visit

Project #102-9505