Missionaries Bobby and Tamitha Lynch, who serve in Latin America at SEMISUD (South American Ministerial Seminary), have established a program entitled: PROJECT M:25.

Project M:25 is a “Give Care” initiative in cooperation with the missionaries, Lee University, and SEMISUD in Quito, Ecuador. The all-encompassing program is designed to provide immediate and long-term follow-up care for at-risk children.


M25 girl with cotton candy

Originally from Anniston, Alabama, the Lynches ministry is a family effort. Tamitha’s extensive knowledge and experience in children’s ministry inspires her to train others in ministering effectively to children. Bobby (who has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Auburn University) teaches seminary students and ministers throughout the country, and also serves as the director of church planting in L.A. The twins, Jonathan and Jordan, share the clown personalities as they minister to children. Poverty is rampant in Ecuador, and Quito is filled with street children. The Lynches hold Kids Krusade services and help provide meals and other substantial services.

A Success Story

Nine-year-old Carlitos was a loner. Afternoons he would play soccer at a field near the ministry center. His father was rarely home due to working at a factory. His mother never completed elementary school and she was unable to help with homework. Having no computer or internet at home, Carlitos started attending Project M:25; he had problems with school because he could not access information on the internet to help him with assignments. He was extremely shy and quiet in the beginning. Today, Carlitos plays with friends before Chapel; he believes Jesus loves him; he assists the teacher in the classroom; and his smile is vibrant and genuine! With the love of God, the children discover hopes and dreams for a better future as they develop their God-given potential.

Unusual Requests

The Lynches live in the capital city, but finding some common products sometimes is a challenge. Bobby says: “We love when people come to visit us, because that means we can ask them to bring us special goodies. Visitors often laugh about the odd things we request them to fill their suitcases with—everything from candy bars or pudding mix to construction paper and sticky notes.”

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