A highlight of the recent East Africa Conference in Kampala, Uganda, under the leadership of Joseph Kagarama, regional superintendent, was the presence of Dr. J. David Stephens, assistant general overseer, and Dr. Stephen Darnell, field director of Europe/CIS/Middle East. Both executive leaders were used in a powerful way to minister to over 300 leaders, including all overseers of the region who attended.

Some attendees came from challenging backgrounds, comprising delegates from South Sudan and the BidiBidi Refugee Camp that consists of one million refugees, the largest refugee camp in the world! Due to the war, the overseer of South Sudan had to flee his country. During that time, he and his wife established a greater number of churches.

One participant in the conference came from a “closed country” in the Muslim Sahel Zone where the Gospel is spread under tremendous risk of their lives due to the intense persecution.

Where intense persecution exists, the power and grace of God is stronger than any opposing force!

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