The 25th Anniversary of the Church of God ministry in Ukraine was celebrated at the annual national pastors’ conference that was held October 9-12, 2018, in Nova Kakhovka.

Guests for the silver anniversary event were Dr. David and Janet Blair (international director of Youth and Discipleship), Dr. Stephen Darnell (European field director), Dr. Thomas Rosson (regional superintendent), Pastor Modris Ozolinkevics (Latvian overseer), and Pastor Michael Knospe (Germany, son of retired Field Director Dieter Knospe).

“Remaining in Covenant” was this year’s theme, and local churches’ music teams were involved in leading the worship services.

Highlights of the conference included a credentialing ceremony in which 31 ministers received either a promotion in rank or became exhorters in the denomination.

The Church of God in Ukraine has 100 congregations, the majority of which are in Eastern Ukraine. Many of these churches are near the warfront in the Donbas region. Seven of our congregations are in the area held by the pro-Russian separatists. Much attention was given at the conference to the denomination’s ministry along the warfront—30 feeding stations and 13 congregations that have been established since the war’s beginning in 2014.

Dr. David Blair made presentations to three Church of God orphanages, and Eberhard Dudszus was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year award by the European Theological Seminary in Germany.