Short-term missionary, Don Seeders, is traveling in Peru ministering to the tribe called “Copiuros,” located on Lake Titicaca. The people live on man-made floating islands on the lake.

Two years ago, Don was made aware of this tribe. It took the boat two hours to arrive there and meet with the leader. This particular tribe had never heard the Gospel, but the leader gave his heart to Christ.

Others of this group number about 600 to 700 people. Don and his team are praying as to how to reach the others, as it is difficult because the man-made floating islands are not close together and getting to them is not easy.

God provided a breakthrough when they were asked to begin teaching Christianity in their grade school as part of their curriculum. Curriculum was donated, and this will open the door to evangelize the rest of the tribe.

The team will provide two doctors and medicine for approximately 80 children on this trip. They are endeavoring to reach the unreached.

Project #065-0501