In today’s fast-paced world of changing technology, Church of God World Missions strives to be at the forefront of those advances and provide its constituency with the best possible access to missions news and updates.

Other venues of information include the long-established Church of God publication, the EVANGEL. A magazine that affords the news of Church of God churches, learning institutions, testimonies, articles of interest, and so forth, it gives World Missions the opportunity to be a form of contact for Church of God subscribers. A monthly four-page insert entitled, globalCONNECT, is the printed version of the World Missions on-line video, and provides extensive news from the mission field.

Streaming videos are also another means of acquiring World Missions news and events. Videos are society’s means to gather today’s news quickly, no matter where one is located. To view Church of God World Missions videos go to the link: to enhance the world evangelization experience.