Like many countries, India consists of states of which many of us have never heard, such as Rajasthan. But just because we have not known of Rajasthan, it doesn’t mean that our denomination does not exist within its borders.


Rajasthan is India’s largest state in land mass (132,139 sq mi), and is the site of the Keoladeo National Park, a World Heritage Site known for its bird life. Its name literally means “Land of Kings.” Rajasthan has a total population of 68,548,437, comprised mainly of Hindus. In this environment, the Church of God is flourishing.


In the city of Pratapgargh, 234 unreached families received the Gospel through church planter trainees. The church planters farm during the day and conduct prayer cells in the evening; 147 were converted. In other areas, the church planters face issues with anti-Christian tribes, hindering their evangelism.


Church members in the region of Banswara number 1,856. Prabhulal Meena completed his church planters training in 2015. He has constructed a church on his farmland with the help of his wife and two children. With a tin sheet for a roof and walls made of twigs, this church of fifty continues to grow. Soon, 246 people will be baptized in water, but caution is exercised, as anti-Christians can stop the activities.


One individual who completed UPG Training went to the Dungapur District, travelling 200 kilometers to a place with no roads and houses on mountaintops—each hill has approximately 10 houses. One must literally climb a mountain to visit a neighbor. After one year, a Sunday worship service has been established.

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