The Latin American Intercultural Seminary (SEMILA) in Ecuador, South America, is an excellent educational institution with Associate Missionaries Nestor and Donata Duque as president.

The majority of the recent graduates (52) encompassed all degree levels (Bachelor’s and Certificate) and are Quichua pastors and church leaders, all of whom will return to their communities in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador to build God’s kingdom among the poor and most needy.

Kelly Vargas, an Afro-Ecuadorian woman finished her Bachelor in Pastoral Studies and has planted a new church near the border of Peru. She traveled at least seven hours to attend classes.

Fransisco Asitimbay, a well-known Quichua worship singer in Ecuador, received a call to pastoring while studying at SEMILA. Completing his education, he will pastor a church in the Quichua community of Quisapincha. His wife and son also graduated with him.

SEMILA is committed to equipping Christian leaders by providing biblical, theological, missiological, and practical education. SEMILA received its certification as a Church of God Level III Granting institution in 2015.

Nestor says: “As missionary educators, we give God all the glory and honor, and are thankful to be part of this mission story among the Quichua people group and low-income pastors.”

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