Through the course of its history, Church of God World Missions has partnered with several organizations to complete a well-rounded effort of assistance through orphanages and children’s programs. One organization is Serving Orphans Worldwide, whose heart is the belief that every child has the right to define their own possibilities.

With literally millions of orphans across the globe, the mission of helping to support them is monumental. It takes an army of dedicated individuals and workers to fulfill even the least amount of assistance. Realizing that while they may not be able to bring every orphan into their homes, SOW works diligently to better the homes where orphaned children are found.

Founder and president, Dr. John Gregory, has long-carried a burden for orphans. SOW offers compassion, grace, integrity, excellence, and a family atmosphere. Although they are part of diverse cultures and different contexts, all their homes have one thing in common: they each strive to transform the lives of children with the love of Christ. SOW further extends its influence by empowering struggling orphanages to move beyond just mere survival. They come alongside partner homes with training opportunities to raise their standards of care.

Because of your interest and support, thousands of children will have the opportunity to dream big and grow up in a loving, faith-filled environment.

Project #770-0011